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"Hi, my name is Ivano Celia. is my personal finance blog, where I share my insights and recommendations, help tools, tips, successes and failures with others. I have been actively trading personally for over 6 years and intensively dealing with relevant information on the subject of trading ever since.  Like many others, I started as a newcomer with a broker and an online trading platform. Over time, my demands and expectations have grown and in turn I had out grown my broker as well. I had to find a new online trading platform. After I changed platforms, I found out relatively quickly that I was still not satisfied. The 3rd time it worked out for me and I ended up at the online trading platform which I still use today. Finding the right trading platform involved extensive research and a structured process. Since I didn't find any tools on the internet to help me find the best online trading platform for myself, I acquired a lot of knowledge myself and created my own tools such as checklists. This knowledge, experience and tools are available free of charge in this Personal Finance Blog.

On the site you will find: is produced relatively laboriously, which is why I work with sponsors like Cornèrtrader - apart from the fact that this is probably one of the best online brokers in Switzerland - as well as guest authors and professional traders who help me run this blog. Online trading is not only a passion, it's also fun. My goal with is to help you effectively compare online trading platforms and to find the best online trading platform in Switzerland".


About me

Ivano Headshot"I am 48 years old and a family father with two children. I have been working in online advertising and marketing for almost 20 years and am the owner and managing director of media BROS. - an online provider specialized in online and programmatic advertising. My customers are Swiss KMUs. My aim is to invest existing assets sensibly and to build up a similar pillar to the existing pension fund. My favorite stock exchanges at the moment are mainly in Europe and Switzerland. I trade actively, i.e. I manage the portfolio and optimize it continuously to the current conditions. I hope you have as much fun with as I have and I would be happy if I could help you with it, as well as about your comments and inputs! You can always write to me at".


The analyses, articles, and promotions published in this blog do not constitute investment advice and therefore do not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell a security, futures contract or any other financial instrument. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. The analyses and articles provided are intended solely for information purposes and cannot replace an individual consultation. Liability for direct or indirect consequences of the content of this Personal Finance Blog is therefore excluded.

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Trade Safety.

For those who want to be successful with trading in the long term, money management and risk management are the key to long-term success and ultimately ensure survival on the stock market. This insightful guide is an indispensable resource and must read.


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