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Most professional and institutional investors worldwide use Morningstar's valuation in their fundamental analysis to understand quickly, clearly and reliably which stocks are overvalued or undervalued. For investors, undervalued stocks usually represent a better opportunity than overvalued ones.

A power tool which in the financial world is otherwise reserved for bank advisors, is now available directly to customers of the Cornèrtrader Trading Platform free of charge. This is unique and exclusive for Switzerland.

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  • Short and medium-term financial analyses based on fundamentals, dynamics and technical analysis.
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This is an offer in cooperation with our sponsoring partners Cornèrtrader and Morningstar.



Cornèrtrader Trading Platform

FREE access to Morningstar App (Fundamental Analysis).



Your information will be transmitted to Cornèrtrader confidentially with SSL encryption so that your demo account can be created and sent to you.