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Short Selling Alerts

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Finding a suitable Online Trading Platform was more difficult than I had expected. I didn't have any special requirements at all, but I certainly had demands for quality and security. After I had changed the trading platform twice, I finally found the right platform for my needs in the third attempt. The whole experience of my evaluation process can be found in this blog. I hope I can help you find the best online trading platform for you.  Everything you find here is free, thanks to the generous support of select sponsors who help me finance this blog. They also enable me to work with professional financial trading experts and analysts and integrate their expertise into this blog. more about


Trading Analysis and Strategy

Investment ideas, financial news and trading signals from professional traders and data and analytics providers. 

Take control and make every trade count. is a Swiss personal finance blog for online traders and investors. Here you will find relevant information, offers and tools around the topics "Compare Trading Platforms" and "Online Trading and Investing".

Financial Expert Articles

Financial Expert Articles

Opinions, analyses, strategies and signals on relevant trading aspects as well as in depth coverage of specific assets: Trade Safety, broker platforms, crypto, indices, commodities and much more.

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Trading Ressources


Here you will find useful tools to help improve your trading experience and compare online trading platforms.  Tools include expert investor knowledge, risk assessment, checklists, ebooks and whitepapers to be downloaded for free.

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Cornèrtrader Seminars

Cornèrtrader Seminar

Attend a free professional Seminar from our sponsoring partner Cornèrtrader where you receive investment trading information from their network of Experts.

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Cornèrtrader Free Trading Platform Demo Account

Sign up for a free demo account with Cornèrtrader and become eligible to receive a free subscription with Breakout Point short-selling data analytics!

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Our newsletter provides information on the most important investment instruments, weekly updates with fundamental information and in-depth expert knowledge. Direct tips and tricks from successful traders.

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Guest Author. Finance and Trading Expert. Entrepreneur and Professional Trader.

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Guest Author. Independent Technical Analyst. Private Trader and Investor.

Ashley Gehrig

Editor. Administration and Operation 

Therese Faessler

Guest Author. Finance and Trading Expert. Founder of Faessler Finance AG


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