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Demo Account Trial

Cornèrtrader Demo AccountOffer from our sponsoring partner Cornèrtrader. 

Many private and semi-professional traders agree that Cornèrtrader is one of the best multi-asset online trading platforms - with the most favorable conditions - in the Swiss market.

Here you receive a free demo account with CHF 100K starting capital. This allows you to trade live, test all features and check and compare the actual trading costs.


Emerging Markets Equities eBook

Emerging Markets Equities eBook

This strategic analysis answers the question of whether an Emerging Market investment pays off in the long run, globally and/or regionally. At the same time, we explore different opportunities for investing in Emerging Markets.


Natural Gas: Financial Derivatives Market eBook

Natural Gas Financial Derivatives Market

Interested in natural gas investment but fearful of its high volatility? This eBook provides expert analysis and important strategic information on natural gas as well as what to consider as an investor/trader when evaluating this asset for your portfolio.


Whitepaper: Online Trading Platform Comparison

Swis Online Trading Platform Comparison

When searching for an online trading platform, it is important to examine various aspects.  Download the Trading Platform Comparison Whitepaper now as a comprehensive guide for finding the best service for you. This 14-page whitepaper has the most relevant evaluation criteria you can use to compare online trading platforms.


Low Risk Equities: Re-defining Your Equity Investment eBook

Low Risk Equities Investment

A comprehensive document highlighting the fundamental profiles and classic strategies of Low Risk Equity investments.


Risk Assessment Tool (Calculator)

Risk Assessment Rechner 11KB

Our Risk Assessment Tool helps you to correctly assess risks, calculate profit/loss ratios and margin requirements in advance of your trades. Interactive Excel tool with integrated formulas and prepared for Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, Ethereum, S&P500, DAX, WTI, EURUSD, NatGas.


Assessment Tool for Comparing Trading PlatformsChecklist Assessment Broker Comparison

Use this comparison checklist to conduct a thorough review of the online trading platforms available on the market and find the best platform for your personal trading requirements. The checklist assessment tool contains formulas and over 40 aspects to evaluate and compare online trading platforms in Switzerland.


Evaluating Bitcoin Investment 2019 Bitcoin

All the important information and background about Bitcoin and what you need to bear in mind as an investor/trader when evaluating this asset for your portfolio. Compiled by an independent financial advisor and blog author Patrick Oberhaensli.


Trade Safety eBook

Trade Safety eBook 23KB

For those who want to be successful with trading in the long term, money management and risk management are the key to long-term success and ultimately ensure survival in the stock market. This insightful guide is an indispensable resource and must read.